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200g pork (neck); 200g beef; 3 eggs; ½ onion; a stale bread roll the size of an egg; 4 tbsp milk; salt, black pepper

Pikkpoiss (Pieczeń rzymska)

Break the bread roll up and cover it with a mixture of the milk and 1 egg whisked together (set aside a couple of spoons of the egg mixture for later. Soft boil the eggs (cook for 4 minutes once the water has come to the boil), peel them and cut of the points. Mince the meat and mix it with the soaked bread. Season well and put half the mince into a rectangular greased meatloaf tin. Place the eggs on top of the meat joining them together by the cut ends and put the remaining meat on top. Bake in an oven at 180°C for 1 hour. Cut the loaf into slices and serve.

Пиккпойс, «длинный мальчик» (Pikkpoiss, Pieczeń rzymska)

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