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1 ½ lb. of guinea fowl liver; 10 oz. of bacon; 4 egg yolks (guinea fowl); 1 cup of heavy cream (22%); 2 tbs. of Brandy; a handful of yellow raisins; butter; salt, white pepper

Guinea fowl liver pate (Guinea Fowl Liver Pâté)

Remove all sinews from liver, marinate with salt, pepper and brandy overnight. Soak raisins in brandy overnight as well. Add to the liver chopped bacon, egg yolks, cream and salt. Process to puree in a blender. Grease a pate form (4” height or 5-9 см) with oil, pour in liver puree, sprinkle with drained raisins, cover with baking paper, cook in the oven over a water bath (for example, in a pan with hot water to ⅔ of height of the form) for 35-45 minutes at 360°F (180°C). Take out, let cool, pour melted butter over the pâté, to ripen refrigerate for a couple of days. Serve with toast.

Паштет из печени цесарки (Guinea Fowl Liver Pâté)

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